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Black Krrsantan


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I had to do something to help me get back into my studio without feeling I was sitting on the Sun. So I simply changed my time there from afternoons to evenings, and aah, so much more comfortable. So my so that I actually finished something.

 This was a new figure in the Star Wars story for me. Black Krrsantan (nicknamed Santy) was a Wookie bounty hunter first seen in Darth Vader 1 comic in 2015. The  IMHO ill fated Boba Fett mini series on Disney+, he was paid to get Fett...

This kit, from Gillman Productions, is a 4 piece 1/4 scale bust.  A very clean kit, it had only the slightest mold line thru the head hair - twenty minutes and that was cleaned up.

The screen grab above is the image I used as reference. But it amazed me that the vast majority of the images were from the comics. I remembered that his pauldrons were a steel/silver color, but all of the comics images had him with gold/bronze color. So if you want to be different and do the comic Santy, the pauldrons is a way to make the difference. I stuck to Vallejo's Steel for mine.

Even tho Santy is just black with gray streaks , I couldn't just leave the straight black. So here and there I mixed in a dark brown to make things a little more interesting. I didn't realized while watching the show, but on the kit his two scars were prominent. I painted them a tan color - WAY to bright. With a number of washes I was able to tone it down. The belt was a simple 3 colors, and I also toned that down with some Citadel Nuln Oil.

The base was last and it was supposed to represent a bldg. in Mos Espa (?)  Here tans filled in the space. Some metal colors for the machinery on the side completed the project. Thanks for looking.



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