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Embassy Suites Additional Room Nights (Tues and Mon)

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BLUF: If you could not get a room for Tuesday, or even Monday night, and you want one at the convention rate (to add to your existing Wed-Sat/Sun reservation), e-mail me and I will work with ES to add those days to your reservation.
Details/Background: From where I was sitting last night it seems the Hilton reservation system worked as we were told. I'm glad that part worked out. I know many of you could not get into the block in time before it sold out. Unfortunately, the convention hotel for this upcoming convention is in very high demand. I will not get into it here, but the economics of the convention drive us to find these smaller/affordable convention centers with attached hotels that are not as big as we would like. A larger analysis needs to be done - and it will - by IPMS/USA as a whole regarding demand/location/pricing. However, what I want to address here are additional nights if someone could not get those when they booked last night.
The way the convention contract is written, IPMS/USA is required to fill a very high percentage of contracted rooms in order not to be financially penalized by the hotel. The room block primarily focused on the Wed through Sat night dates...with checkout on Sunday (6 Aug). There are a healthy number of nights for Tues (1 Aug) in there as well but not the entire 260. Some of you were able to grab a Tuesday night, and some of you, no. As of right now, with all the reservations we have with the hotel, we are at, or very, very close to, 100%...which is good as it gives us a very strong bargaining position to add more room nights at the front end of the week.
Now that we are in this sold-out situation with demand still as high as it is, I will go back to Embassy Suites and ask for additional room nights at the convention rate for Tuesday, 1 Aug. If you hold a reservation for 2-5 Aug and wish to add Tues, or even Monday, send me an email at chair.nats2023@gmail.com. Include the first and last name that the reservation is held under, and I will work with Embassy Suites next week to add those dates to your reservation at the convention rate of $160 per night.
As usual, if you have any questions, please reach out to me at the e-mail above.

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