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Atlantis re-release DKM Bismarck

Ron Bell

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Fun build. No PE and probably not very accurate, but just enough to keep me busy for a week or two. They provide the hull side camo as decals, and they worked very well. There is some debate as to whether this is a re-release of the Revell or Monogram kit. I'm guessing the Monogram one as it just doesn't "feel" like a Revell kit in it's engineering and parts break down, but I may be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time, that's for sure. 







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I know it was a formidable ship and the British greatly feared her breaking out into the Atlantic, but she just doesn't seem as powerful when compared to these other two Atlantis offerings. 




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Nicely done!

I built the Revell 1:570 kit in the mid 1960s using Pactra gloss enamel paint

(... the only kind available at my local drug store/ hobby shop) 

plus, an assortment of Aurora ship models; long ago consigned to the landlubber's version of Davy Jones's locker. 

Nice work, as usual! 

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