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M4A3 Sherman *WIP*


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Jack & Mark, thanks for the comments.


Mark, the weld beads are more time consuming than anything. This is the first Sherman I've taken the time to detail- I took a break of over a year after spending nearly 10-days just building up and sanding the cast-in cheek armor.


Jack, nice M4A2. I make the weld beads from .010 x .020 Evergreen strips. The sand skirt mounting strips are .010 x .080 strips (Evergreen 104.) The rear fender/mud guard mounts are .100 angle (Evergreen 293).) I actually found a local early M4A3 and measured the mounting strip lengths and the distance between the mounting holes. I'm planning on only adding the lower section of the rear stack - the 6th Tank Bn was landed by LST/LCM direct to shore on Okinawa. The USMC 6th Tank Sherman crews welded spare track links to the front, sides and turrets during the campaign.

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