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Omaha Nats crew

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I guess I'll post up the first topic for this 2022 nats thread lol...

I just want to give kudos the the Omaha guys for a great convention! I had a blast and loved the area and the accommodations as well. Easy to get around and a nice venue. I originally wasn't able to attend this year but due to a series of unusual good fortune it allowed me to attend at almost literally the last minute. I'm glad I did. If (when?) you guys hold it again at the same venue, I WILL be there.

Again great job guys. Two thumbs up.


That sometimes fickle dude,


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Excellent show..professionalism abounded and created a smooth operation.sounds cold hearted , but a well run Nationals is based on SMOOTH.(MY OPINION)

Cheers Omaha

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All of the above - !!! 

Thanx also for the family-member passes. My family members in the area (incl. active duty USAF) did cruise the displays and vendors - and bought stuff. Consider also the hobby 'recruitment' potential there. I'll keep workin' it, too.

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