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Many Colourcoats Enamels Discontinued


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As posted on Britmodeller:

“We are discontinuing the entire range of French Air Force, WWI Allied Naval Camouflage, Italian Navy, Modern Navy, Imperial Japanese Army, Australian Army, Israeli Self-Defence Force, Italian Army, Russian Army and United States Army and Marine Corps, alongside individual colours as named below.”

C07 – Buff 
C08 – Bright Blued Gunmetal
C10 – Parkerised Gunmetal
C11 – Blued Gunmetal
ACGW05 – Beige
ACGW06 – Chestnut Brown 
ACGW07 – Dark Green
ACGW08 – Light Green
ACGW09 – Light Yellow
ACLW07 – Hellgrau (L40/52)
ACS05 – WUP Grey Interior Primer
ACS06 – IMUP Blue-Grey Metal Primer
ACS07 – ALG-5 Metal Primer
ACS14 – AE9 Grey
ACS22 – A.II Red
ACUS10 – WWII USN Non-Specular White
ACUS31 – Yellow Sand (FS20400)
ACUS32 – Brown Special (FS30140)
KM07 – Blaugrau Dunkel
KM08 – Norwegian Blaugrau Mittel
KM09 – Blaugrau Hell
US37 – Slate

As of this writing, some of these are already sold out at H & B Hobbies, but White Ensign Models has stock of the most common colors except French Air Force.

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Mike - your posting is lacking context.   In the full text, Jamie explains that rising production costs are not offset by the poor sales of these colors.   The cancellation of these is quite understandable, and many have alternates in other product lines.   It would be great if it were otherwise,  but it appears to be a sound business decision

As with many others, we have faced multiple challenges as a business over the last few years. Uncertainty, increased administration and so on caused by Brexit, increasing raw material and base product prices, difficulties sourcing materials, vast increases in tin costs and difficulties with escalating costs of shipping flammable liquids have brought additional strain to the business. We have managed to contain most of these concerns by making small changes to pricing (only when applicable to new stocks) and rewarding our customers (free gifts last December). However, as a business we do have to evolve to the changing circumstances and as such as have taken the decision to discontinue 61 less-popular colours from our range. Typically, we only discontinue a colour when new research deems it inaccurate or when we are not happy with the quality of the product. This time however, we are streamlining our range to enable us to maintain better stocks of the popular colours. The colours we have discontinued remain accurate colours, however they are very slow sellers and we must accept these products are poor use of our limited cash, production capacity or storage space when we restock.

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19 hours ago, EFGrune said:


Mike - your posting is lacking context.


“Context”?? Most modelers I know (and you are one of the few exceptions) don’t particularly care about “context” but are quick to complain if their favorite [insert any model building hobby-related item here] goes away. 

My post was intended for users of Colourcoats who might not follow Britmodeller and were unaware of the discontinuance of these colors and might want to stock up on them before they are completely gone. I have to confess that I myself was not even aware that Colourcoats made  most of them.

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Discontinuation of any specialist paint colour will disappoint a number of modellers.

Ed made the point.of explaining why they were discontinued due to pressures of marketability of those particular colours.

But like Mike said many modellers do not want to consider why their late lamented colours disappear.

The manufacturer is damned if the do, and damned if they do not in this situation having to make a commercial decision.

No point in getting annoyed. If one of more of the colours being discontinued are a favourite, just get some stock in from wherever you can get it from in the interim.

Mike has listed what is going, so best make use of his information.

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