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Bandai 1/48 Matilda Mk II

Ron Bell

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The old Bandai 1/48 armor kits were really gems at the time and still aren't all that bad. They all sported at least a minimal interior while other companies kits had nothing but old motorization brackets. This one is bound for Malta camouflage. I completed the interior with some extra "busying-up" parts added, like some more bins in the hull, some wiring a recoil guard for the main gun and I bodged together a sort of #19 radio set. The turret basket is not accurate and is actually in common with that in the Valentine kit. As a matter of fact, if you check the one in the ESCI 1/72 scale Valentine, you'll find it's also the same. But accuracy aside, again, at least there's something in there to see through the hatches I intend to leave open. In the end, it turned out pretty well for a kit that dates from 1975. The figure is from the Tamiya Humber a/c kit as there was no crew in the box when I got it. 







This is everything before exterior painting started, with the exception of the exhaust system. 


And here's the final product. 




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Nice build and I especially like that camo scheme! Since I dabble in 1/48 armor (when I do dabble...), and have a few of those old Bandai kits, I have to agree that they were very nice for their time. I built that Valentine you mentioned and really enjoyed it! I hope to see this in Omaha next month!


Gil :cool:

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That turned out very nice! The Malta camouflage is quite striking in its’ appearance. You’re also quite right on the Bandai 1/48 armor kits being quite exceptional for that era. It’s too bad that they have not brought them back to compliment Tamiya’s new 1/48 armor line. 

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