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Dragon T-72M2 w/ERA, Invader Zim Tank


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Ok, I’m calling this beast completed… an old shelf of doom damaged and sidelined project, many years, moves and repairs later, the old Dragon T-72M2/T-72B w/ERA. I added some resin stowage and figures. Also had a driver figure in there, but his head blocked the turret from rotating forward, so he was nixed…







“Vanya, what’s that flash in the treeline?”


Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcome…

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Thanks Bob. This one was nearly destroyed by a cat hopping onto my shelf, along with several others below that did not survive… but yes, Russian tanks don’t look normal in pristine condition… unless they’re on parade in Red Square.

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And a final post script for this build- 3rd Place in 1/35 Post WWII Tracked AFVs at IPMS Phoenix Modelzona 2022.


Not a bad result for a project that had been heavily damaged by a marauding cat then sidelined for years.

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