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WWI 75(?)mm gun

Ron Bell

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I continued with my little project of working on these old artillery kits. This is the LifeLike release of the what they call a WW I 75 mm. It bears little resemblance to a French or post war US 75 and looks more like, but not exactly like, a German WW I 77mm. It has elements of all those guns. Given that, and the fact that the mold was a mess with almost as much flash and mold seams as parts, with careful assembly and an interesting paint scheme, it can build up into a nice desk model. In the photos, if the wheels look a bit out of whack, some of that is camera distortion, but they were out of alignment. A little 'gentle persuasion" and they are better now. 







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Don't know where you read that, but I checked photos on the interweb and yup, that's what it's modeled after. Very good info to have. 

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