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Paint Colors for Admiral Yamamoto and IJN Ground Crew Uniforms


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I recently purchased Tamiya's 1/48 G4M Betty (Operation Vengeance) which came with a figure of Admiral Yamamoto and Imperial Japanese Navy Aviation Ground Crew.

The kit instructions provide recommendations for the paint colors for them I am dubious as the accuracy of the instructions.  I recall Admiral Yamamoto wearing IJN officer tropical greens before he passed.  Also, the instructions recommend a mix of Tamiya XF-1 and XF-57 for some of the ground crew.

The Osprey books are useful not helpful as to the hobby paint colors for Admiral Yamamoto and the IJN Aviation Ground Crew.

I am looking for recommendations for hobby paint colors by serial number from any paint line I could use for their uniforms.  I don't have any issues with the paint colors for the pilots.  Thanks.  All the best, George


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