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Dragon M48A1 Elvis Tank, Patton Project Pt.III WIP


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Well here I go again… another Patton tank… but not just any Patton, but the mount of “The King”


I’m going to make Elvis’ M48A1 from GI Blues, turning this kit


into this


So far I’ve completed steps 1 & 2 and built the road wheels and basic lower hull


Stay tuned for more progress updates….

Thank you very much 😉

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Steps 3 & 4 now completed - bits added to upper hull, the upper and lower hulls glued together


That’s enough for today….

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So I’ve made a bit more progress over the past few days…

First up, I added the engine rear and top deck areas, the biggest visual difference between the M48/M48A1 and all of the follow on variants. Much closer is appearance to the preceding M46 & M47, than the A2, A3, A5 and M60 family engine decks…



Then earlier today I added the road wheel arms, shocks, and final drive housings


More to come in a day or two….

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Had a short workbench session today.., I glued on all the road wheels and did the basic construction of the fenders. The sprocket wheels are test fitted but not glued in place until I add the tracks. I’m deviating fro. The instruction a bit now by concentrating on the hull before I start on the turret. The instructions by this point have you bouncing back and forth.


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Today I got in a few good long bench sessions and finished up the hull.

First up I added the BII tools and PE detail bits to the fenders, glued on the tracks, then glued the fenders in place



then later on I added the tow cables to the fenders, and the last detail items to  the glacis area


Now it’s all ready for priming the hull… I have another project that I want to prime, so two projects during the same priming session, and then I can start assembly on the turret later in the week.

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Since I had the airbrush up and running today, and the primer mixed properly, I also airbrushed on a coat onto the hull of this one after finishing with the Crusader AA session.


I just left the driver periscopes undone as those are clear and I need to do an interior silver coat on those first.

Now I need to start on the turret assembly…

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