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Classic Kit: Airfix Lockheed Hudson I Kit 05034


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Last year iModeler member Tom Bebout sent me some classic kits with the request I would build them. I told him I would and here is the first one of them. It is an older Airfix kit with the original first issued in 1963 as kit 386. As I began to build it I soon began to like this pudgy little fat fellow. First thing I did was sand down the rivets and second thing was to figure out how to improve the clear parts. Common with Airfix kits with cabin window is that there is always a nice big sink mark in the middle of the clear piece. For the nose windows I used Microset Clear window glue which worked OK. On the side fuselage windows I sanded and polished out the parts hoping to remove the sink mark. It worked on some and others it didn't.

To seal the side windows I experimented with two kinds of clear glue on the inside to prevent them from popping off. Unfortunately the interaction between the clear gorilla glue and the other clear glue caused some white specks on the windows. Lesson learned. Practice on a test kit before using it on a build.

I masked the fuselage windows with a mask ordered off eBay. The canopy frames are thin strips of decal painted with the correct color. The paints are from Tamiya (sky), AK (Dark Earth) and Mission Models (green). I used blue tac to mask the camo pattern and it worked well. The decals were slightly out of register so I replace the roundels, codes and fin flash markings with decals from my spares binder. I flattened the finish with Dullcote. The motto on the side of fuselage is supposed to be on each side. I screwed up the starboard side ones so only the port side has them. The nose cap, lower clear part and turret are glued in place with clear Elmer's glue.

Somewhere on the floor or on my bench is a small landing gear door that popped off, but is not noticeable.

The next one will be the Monogram 1/48 TBF.


Airfix 72nd Lockheed Hudson 1807.jpg

Airfix Lockheed Hudso_CP3R1813.jpg

Airfix Lockheedudson_CP3R1811.jpg

Airfiz Lockheed Hudson_CP3R1809.jpg

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Pretty sure that old kit isn't supposed to look that good! Excellent application of skills to get a silk purse from a sow's ear! Looking fwd to that TBM!


Gil :cool:

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Very nicely done David.  I had to do one as part of a Secret Santa build.  Yep, the first thing I did was sand the rivets off.  Makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it.


You talk about having problems with  the windows.  I was told of a technique I find very effective.  Use clear epoxy, the laminating kind.  It can be found in most any craft store.  This is what I used, though there are other brands.  https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Clay-Molding-Sculpting/Casting/EasyCast-Casting-Epoxy/p/27003?msclkid=4d833c0669971f5ee5945e5541ab61bb&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping-Catch All&utm_term=4579534652838142&utm_content=Crafts Hobbies-Clay Molding Sculpting

Take some clear packing tape - if you can find the end on the roll.  Not touching the adhesive, place it over the windows you want to fill.  The Hudson side windows are a prime example.  Work the tape down good and tight.  Mix up some epoxy and, from the inside, drop it into the window cavity, eliminating any bubbles.  I use round toothpicks with a little cut off the end for this.  Fill the cavity and set the part up to cure, with the windows as level as possible.  Walk away.  At room temperature, it will cure in 24 hours or so.  Pull the tape off and presto-chango, you have form fitting clear window.  It took several sessions, but I did the nose windows also, except for the one spanning both fuselage halves.


I find it amazing that the sticky side of the tape produces such clear windows and pulls off easily.  Oh, yeah.  Should you need to, the epoxy can be sanded and polished out.  Another note.  The light color ring around the windows is the primer I used.  Have not licked that problem yet.


Hudson I  Airfix 1-72 OOB   4 Dec 2013  (10) 960 .jpg

Hudson I  Airfix 1-72 OOB   4 Dec 2013  (15) 960 .jpg

Hudson I  Airfix 1-72 OOB   4 Dec 2013  (3) 960 .jpg

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WOW!! That's an old Airfix kit?? I'm with Gil on this one....."Pretty sure that old kit isn't supposed to look that good!"

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