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Long Tom


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One of the guys in the Akron/Canton IPMS club likes to sponsor a King of Battle themed build. In anticipation of the next one I bought something special, AFV club’s Long Tom in 1/35. I built the Renwal Atomic Cannon for the 1st build I joined in on!

So i love the kit, beautiful detail imho, tho I’m not an armor modeler normally. This kit hates me tho lol

I assembled the whole wheel carriage backwards…should have used CA. Out came the razor saw. Fortunately there is a nice flat spot along the leaf springs where it can be taken apart with minimal visual damage. Broke one of the fine rods while trying to put the rifle in. Broke the top off those tension posts on the rear axle while putting the leaf springs back on…I’m sure there were a few more gaffs lol



7A5E3179-C14C-48F1-8898-59758A69C57F-600 0CFAE4FE-4BE5-4002-B7AB-C6294E867F85-338 5F5C3F5A-F275-457A-BDDF-7DBF573D5DBE-338

not a bad recovery. Ohh looking at this, i put the main arms on opposite sides. Gads i feel like I’m 8yrs old again. So, to distract your eyes from any errant glue let’s add some distractions and do some weathering yay!


Funny story…my wife was trying to call me, I wasn’t answering so she called my 18yr old daughter to locate me. She comes out the garage door and sees, me. She says to her mom, Dad is holding a plastic cereal bowl full of dirt mom, what the heck is he doing! She laughed even harder when i explained I’d dug up some earth in the 30 degree weather to add reality to my dio 🙂 what did she find so funny?  Lol

so here’s where Tom stands now.



next week when I’m back from traveling I’ll finish up the artillery crew. Then I’m just waiting on the shells and crates i ordered after consulting Bradley25mm. See you downrange in a week 🙂

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Beautiful work on a model that hates you! Looks like you've successfully beat this into submission. Ain't it great when you can throw your kids for a loop? 😜


Looking forward to seeing this with crew.

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Well gang this one is complete! It was beating me so hard I spent more money on it 🤕  the diorama was looking good, just devoid of ammo! So i bought AFV Clubs 155 and 203 howitzer rounds. the banding on the crates is 0.010” lead wire rolled out flat with a wooden paint brush handle and painted natural steel (with some stripped off to show wear on the bands from shipping and cutting).
For the figures I primered them in satin black, then dusted them with white primer from the top, like they were standing up, so that the white covered everything except creases and folds. Then i put 10-12 coats of glaze on them in the final color i wanted the uniform or skin to be. A learning experience for sure as they needed more white on them as a base in many cases. This method worked out well so will really try to do up the next bunch of figures really well. 
as expected by taking some final shots I found what i missed haha My guy without a shirt needs his dog tags painted. Let me any other areas you pick up on. 

14B00E62-45B4-49E3-AA0C-322455251812-600 5619F28D-BE9A-4F72-A1BF-6624910B22F5-600 3BA98E88-1DB6-485A-AE6A-AE054F52E5CA-338




DDBEF592-3B5D-4573-9F17-AFCB5B38B883-600 02D8F3AD-FE43-42E7-B556-D1895437EAD4-600






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