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Will there be power available?

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The contest rules tell you to contact the host chapter if you need power. Our website ipmsusa2022.com has a link for the email of the contest chairman who can work with you for power.

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Note: This is my personal opinion based on my own experience with both our local shows and the IPMS national convention

NCC needs to address this issue within the rules asap or well soon possible.  With todays electronics there is no reason why anyone should need AC power for their creations.  Providing power is a huge expense and pain for the host clubs. Vegas spent over $1000 providing power for the model room.  That averaged $110 per model that needed power.  If we are serious about keeping convention cost down we need to stop placating to contestants that cannot build around such a rule as "No AC power will be provided for model entries, no exception.  Three options, provide your own AC power backup, purchase the AC power from the host site. ($$$$), build your model with simple DC battery power."

Not meant as an insult anyone but we somehow need to real in cost and this is simply one convention expense that is way too high.

Joe Porche


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Good point. 

"Powered" entries are always interesting and they add to the quality of the contest.  The issue seems to be whether the contestant is going to be responsible for providing their own power ... or if the contest is going to subsidize them.  I was unaware that each Vegas powered entry cost the convention $110; that is quite a subsidy.

HST, the option of an individual entrant "purchasing" power from the host site seems problematic.  It is one thing to pay for power; it is another to arrange and coordinate power for each powered entry.  Especially within the context of a contract with the host venue.  Who will arrange for the power -- the entrant or the host club's contest chairman?  What happens if an entrant decides, after arrangements have been made, that he doesn't want the power and doesn't pay ... or doesn't show up after arrangements have been made?  What happens if the entrant pays and then the venue doesn't provide the power -- with the common excuses about miscommunication and physical impossibility of providing power in a specific location with the required quality.

I like the concept of having each powered entry be accompanied by its own independent power source ... provided by the entrant.  That places the responsibility for power on the entrant who decided to create a requirement for power.  And would, it seems, simplify the whole issue.

Until someone wheels this in:

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator 9500 Rated and 12500 Peak Watts Gas or Propan...


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