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Never too early for Christmas...


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Never too early for Christmas time. I received the lil guy from John Dennett right around Christmas but didn't get him done in time. Rather than to forget and rediscover him next Dec., I decided to get him done now, so he'll be ready to join the others on display for the Holiday. The bust is an exactly likeness of the actor Glyn Dearman, and while nearly all of the images I saw were B&W, the only one in color was one I didn't care for. So this time I just went for it. 

The kit is in 2 parts - the bust and the base as is usual with a lot of John's kits. Since Tim was a sickly boy I decided against the rosy skin and gave him more of a pale look. Adding to the effect, I added some darker flesh around his eyes.




I have him a brown coat and cap. The cap I wanted to mix with a little leather brim. Maybe I pulled it off? As usual for me I started with the darker blue and then stippled 2 or 3 levels of highlights.  I gave the hat and coat the same technique with their colors, and as mentioned try to give the brim a leather look. 

There was no mention anywhere of Dearman's eye color, so I just went with a rather neutral azure/gray. 



The base was done with a green gray and a heavy dry brush of some blue around the name. The letters were done in white, and with that I was done. Thanks for looking.





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