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1/72 Space Shuttle Cutaway


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This is one of my favourite models ... it took over a year and a half to build. 

Here's a couple overall views and then I'll show a few of the build images ... tell me something, do you guys ever post WIP threads here and if not, where on IPMS USA are they posted?






I had started by building the guts of the SSMEs (Space Shuttle Main Engines) The Engine Bell is from Real Space Models, the rest is copper wire, styrene rod and tube and various other materials.



The Aft structure had to fit and support my Engines ... and it did.



Every bulkhead had to be built ...



... the Aft bulkhead and to the right, the body flap partially done.



... the Body flap ...



... one of the OMS pods with a Fuel tank ...




... the Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder ... 



... the Mid-Deck, with Airlock and toilet ...



... and with the cockpit ... 


... let's see if these all get posted ...

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Oh ... good. They all got posted ... to continue ...


... the Nose RCS section being started. I stretched some tubing ... 



... getting there ...



... and dry fit ...



... building the Aft Structure ... 



... starting the Port Wing structure ...



... a Sub-assembly dry fit ...



... Crew Module dry fit ... Startracker Bay and Hatch too ... Notice the Payload Bay door structure too



... starting to install the Payload Bay details. These are just dry fit, I had to install the Purge lines first ...



... installing the Plumbing which will attach to the SSMEs ...



... the Crew Module almost done. I've included open manuals, accurized seats, stowage bags on the ceiling ... even though they're almost not seen ...



... before it got glued in ...



... more Payload Bay details ...



... I even opened up the Payload Bay vents even if they're under the opened doors and not seen ...


... are there too many pix? ... let's see if these get posted ...

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I'm really pleased these are all getting posted ... continuing ...


... adding Fuel tanks and wiring to the PB ...



... I had just one MLG deployed and detailed it too ... as well as it's open door ...



... the Cutaway Payload Bay door with gold Thermal insulation ... still more details to include ... the Radiator panels are from Real Space Models



... even the RMS,  Canadarm, got detailed ...



... a new End Effector, cameras and decals ...



... about to install the SSMEs ... and you can see a few clamps used to attach the PB Doors



... almost done ... the Aft bulkhead ... notice Hinges, Handholds. The surface texture all over this Shuttle and seen on the OMS pods, are First Aid tape.



... some of the First Aid tape on the Starboard wing ... it gives a really nice, accurate look



... with SSMEs installed ...





Okay, I think that's enough for y'all ... if you're still here!  ;- D

Was this a fun build? YESSIRREE! The amount of research I did was very satisfying! Which is one of the reasons, this is ONE of my favourite models.

I've got just one more model to post on these pages, and it's one of my faves too!

Till then ... Thanx for lasting this long!


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Words fail me, except to say that models like this are the reason IPMS needs a separate "Real Space" category for the national contest.

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Amazing work! I almost feel like I’m in Palmdale at the factory seeing the real thing being built.

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This is stunningly unbelievable work! I am overwhelmed at this incredible mastery here! Like Carlos said, it feels like I'm watching the real thing being built! I would love to see this in person someday!

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SkyKing, thanx for stopping by. I can't agree with you more!

The first contest I entered ( A Regional event up here near Toronto ) with this Shuttle, it lost to a fictional Star Wars model of a Y-wing. A fictional vehicle is in competition with an actual, Designed, Engineered, Flown vehicle ... oh well, that's Life eh?

I participated in the 2009 NATS in Columbus and we Real Space modellers had 53 models entered and we, for the first time, got the category split!


Rusty, many Thanx!  ;^ D


Stikpusher, that's how I felt researching this model, all those images of Challenger and Endeavour and Columbia being built, wow ... such a shame it is no more ...   ;- (


Mark, thanx for your wonderful comments! Looking at this model again gives me a sense of accomplishment. The end result is most satisfying and I learned a whole helluva lot about this vehicle. It's a lovely feeling when someone who has built this kit or is familiar with the Shuttle and has the curiosity to look at this model a little closer to see all the detail they expect and they're pleased to see it included ... well, that's my goal!

One more thing, the kit has something  like 25 or 30 parts (not including it's payload) and my version has over 2,500 pieces ...   ;- D


Thanx again Gents!


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