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1/48 Apollo 16 CSM


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This is an eBay find and it was in pretty poor shape ... but it's just what I like!

I took it apart and rebuilt it using a lot of scratch building ... I did the LM and the Rover ( a 3D print ) too, but I'll just show you the CSM.



Lotsa seams, lotsa incorrect surface detail and loads of work to do, or should I say, Fun to have!



Taking apart the Service Module and reworking it ...



I trimmed the nose of the CM off and sanded and filed per usual. I had to move the windows and build a new hatch ... 



To include the SIM Bay (Scientific Instrument Module) I had to do a little modification!



The different instruments were all built from scratch. this is a dry-fit.



Another dry fit as I had to fill and sand some seams. Notice all the kit's surface details were sanded and filed off ...



Starting to add some PE from New Ware



The Command Module (CM) has some more PE attached and a new hatch too. The Docking probe was built too



And how it looks just before priming and painting ... I love this stage!



And Done



That High Gain antenna had to be hand-built too as well as the SPS engine Bell and the Heat Shield and the Umbilical cover



All in all another fun build!

Thanx for popping in!


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Wow, what amazing work here! This is a real treat to see all these steps you took to bring this to life. Thank you for posting that; I'm taking extensive notes!

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Many Thanx Mark! I really appreciate your responses ... it's so-o-o nice to received positive feedback. Thanx!

I did this for s Group Build, in 2019, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1st Moon Landing.

Here's the link to the build thread where it gives way-y-y more info ... take a peek if you wish.


I have a few more of my builds I wanna post here, then, I'll give the forum back to you guys!  ;- D


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