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EmpireOfGhosts' Treadhead Thread (11/21 LL Churchill)


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Hello all. I just found out about these forums and decided to start a megathread of my work, starting with my recently completed Warlord Games 1/56 scale Churchill tank

This build is basically out of box, with the exception of the turret - I added a weld bead around the bottom edge, as well as cast texture using Tamiya putty. Deciding that I wanted to do a Lend-Lease Soviet version, I also removed the front track guards, but was unable to remove the rear guards (the Soviets did this to prevent thick mud from building up inside the upper track runs).

Like most of my Soviet tanks, I wanted to do a whitewash version but decided against using oils, instead opting for a grey primer with Tamiya flat white overspray. Unfortunately, pure white vehicles like this are difficult to photograph, so you don't see the subtle variations in tone. I then did detail painting in Vallejo acrylics and added custom "over/under" turret numbering and insignia.

I then applied an overall filter of white oil paint and did pin wash and dry-blended weathering using oils. As I wanted a heavy emphasis on muddy conditions, I did a second pin wash and heavy streaking on the lower portion of the hull, then added splatter effects with acrylics and heavy mud with Vallejo environmental effects. Oil and gas spills on the engine deck, as well as muffler rust, was done using AK enamel washes.

Unfortunately, I'm not a great photographer so a lot of this looks rather washed out in the pics below. More pics at my Scalemates account:




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