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Marlene Dietrich


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At the time, with November right around the corner, it was time to tackle my Pledge Project for 2021. The pledge is a group build my local IPMS club (BPMS) runs that in Feb. you pick a model that you want to do, and promise by the November meeting it will be finished. The short answer is that if you get it done, you've at least built one model. But it also gets you extra tickets in our end of the year raffle. Now because of Covid, we haven't gotten together since Mar. of' '20, but thru ZOOM, the meetings (and pledges) continued.

My choice this year was the 1/4 - 1/5 scale Marlene Dietrich bust. From the Hollywood Legends series, it comes in 5 parts of tan resin and three 3D printed parts (her hand, cigarette, and lapel rose).


The edges of some of the parts did need a little help. The white is Tamiya putty.


Everything got a coat of primer and then the paining started. Simple red was the base coat for the rose (it will get a highlight), and Vallejo Steel for the film canisters and reel. With out looking at the illustration of the box, I thought the film on the reel would be a brownish color, so I painted it up with Vallejo's Smoke.


 I thought for a second about doing her up in B&W. But quickly thought again, even tho her shirt, tie, and vest were all white, and the jacket was black. The whites were actually 2 different colors. The vest and tie are V's White, and the shirt is Ivory. The jacket is V's German Gray,with Gloss Black lapels. The shadowing on the sleeves were V's Gray Black. Again a little but noticeable difference. The top hat will be the same colors.

The image has her with a fair skin tone. So I used V's Basic Skin Tone this time for the base coat of the face and hands, Then I did some shadowing with V's Rose Red. I highlight will follow - then her hair has to be done. I'm still thinking of colors for that.

But that will be next time. Check back and thanks for looking.


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Back at the hobby desk, and despite not getting as far as I wanted I did make some progress. I finished the painting on the film cans and attached it to a fairly wide Warhammer round base. I feel it has a little more stability that way. Marlene's body is just sitting there, for now, to see how it looks.

I took another look at the face, and added another layer with some pale flesh. I also did my black eye base, and started her hair. Just holding the head and hat together to see how it looks.  I should finish it up the next session. Check back and thanks for looking.

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I was ready to call this finished the other day. I took pics and when uploading the to my PC there was something missing. I never added in her eyebrows. I went up to my hobby room, and I gotta be honest and say those two thin lines were the scariest paint stokes for me to date. The model show the scantest line where they go, and even when I drew them in with pencil first - it was still nerve wracking.

Whew she's done, and this completes my BPMS Pledge for 2021. Thanks for looking.





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