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Road closure

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Yep, a long stretch of I-70 has now been closed in western Colorado from Glenwood Springs (Exit 116) to Dotsero (Exit 133), for about two weeks now.  Major rock-slides and mud-slides have crossed both directions of the highway in several locations, have constricted the Colorado River's channel, and may have weakened supports for some sections of the elevated roadways and retaining walls.

IF you're planning to take I-70 westbound from Denver to I-15 southbound to Las Vegas, check this site for updated info: https://www.codot.gov/news/2021/august-2021/assets/glenwood-canyon-closure-update .

Even if they say the highway is opened again, expect that to really mean it may be open for a single lane in each direction, with periodic closures to remove more debris during the course of each day.  And if they get another series of heavy rainstorms going along the Glenwood Canyon, there will be more mud-slides and road closures.

The secondary detour routes to the north, taking CO-9 or US-40 to Kremling-Steamboat Springs-Craig-Rifle, or to the south, taking US-24 to Leadville then down to CO-82 to Twin Lakes-Aspen-Carbondale-Glenwood, will likely get a lot of the local & regional car & truck traffic, and any of the cross-country heavy truck traffic that couldn't figure out earlier how to divert north to I-80 or south to I-40.  Plan on slow going behind big trucks.

Pressed for time, to the north take I-80 to Salt Lake City, then I-15 south.  Or to the south, take I-40 from Flagstaff to Kingman, then US-93 or US-95 north to Las Vegas.

Or we can fly and hope our flights don't get delayed/cancelled!

Mark Persichetti,
IPMS# 14324





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2 hours ago, MarkPersichetti said:

Yep, and for some time it will be one lane in each direction.  Be prepared for a leisurely pace.  Complete repair/restoration is projected to be completed by Thanksgiving.

You could easily sit in a queue for longer than the detour will take you. We saw wait times of hours last time. Not to mention it could easily slide again. Not saying don't take the route. Just be aware of the possibilites.

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