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Tiger 712 aka 250031


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This is the companion piece to Tiger 112 from my Shelf of Woe. 721 is of course the one they brought back to Aberdeen. I depict it here as it was in American hands. The tool clamps are all 3D resin. the stenciling is home made on the computer and should be whiter. Since I can't print white on my computer, I went as close to white I could get and still be able to see it.

The main objective was to complete a kit for the abandoned stack. The Lieutenant is an S&T bust with an Alpine head and the driver is a Miniart body with an Alpine head. The B&W picture shows my source of inspiration.

The question is whether it is now Allied armor or still German?😏



TIGER 712 C.jpg

712 FINISHED_6536.jpg

712 FINISHED_6532.jpg

712 FINISHED_6530.jpg

712 FINISHED_6528.jpg

712 FINISHED_6526.jpg

712 FINISHED_6525.jpg

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