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Looking for Chevy 1964 Pickup Blue Green paint color

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I have the Revell 1/25 Chevy Pickup and would like to paint it as close as possible to the blue green color of the time.  Is there a reference, website or paint mfr I could check with?  Here's a sample photo.






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David.  If Scale Finishes cannot help, try the Ditzler or Du Pont websites and see if there are any reference numbers for the finish for that particular vehicle that you are looking for. If you can obtain these you might be able to get an aerosol or some touch up paint made up at an automotive accessory outlet. Failing that get in touch with an auto repair shop or restorer who might be able to help you get the specifications for the paint that you want. Plain colours are the same whether on full size or scale models. Problems occur when using metallics as the metallic particles within cannot be scaled down.

Sometimes you have to think a bit laterally and outside the normal scale model supplier box when situations like this occur.

Looking at the photo of the pick up, the colour looks remarkably like Tropical Turquoise, one of the range of colours that was used on the iconic 57 Chevy. It probably is not, but looks close in the photo.

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