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NATS Seminars

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I saw this on one of my email groups:


Re: 2021 IPMS/USA Nats Seminars
From: Jim Fackert
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 03:50:19 PDT

wish the ipms seminars were recorded and available on line.

They are missing out on an orders of magnitude larger paying audience !


It is an interesting idea for the society for those unable to attend.

Some of the guys I usually see are Canadians, and their government has not seen fit to reopen the borders yet.

I honestly don't know the effect this would have on physical attendance, but I doubt many would give up the vendor room if they were able to attend (proximity, budget, etc), but it might garner some extra 'attendance'

Can it be done and posted online later?

Heck, there is always at least one time slot where I have to choose which to go to.

(I have Jim's email in case you want to contact him directly)

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