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2021 National Convention - Call for Volunteers.

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It is time for all able-bodied modelers to step up and do their patriotic duty.  Volunteers are need to fill the ranks and defend YOUR national convention against our mortal enemy - CONVENTION CHAOS! 

Basic training is fast and simple, casualties are expected to be low and you'll even get a nice clean brand-new uniform (Nats T-Shirt).

The time to stand back and wait for the 'other guy' to man your place at the parapet (or model registration, security, raffle sales, etc) has passed.  We need YOU!

Those that stand with us upon National Convention day, go by, from this day to the end of the week, without our being remembered: we few, we crazy few, we band of brothers —for whoever commits his time with me that day shall be our brothers.  However humble his modeling skill, this day shall grant him nobility. 







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That has got to be the absolute best pitch for volunteers I've ever seen! Bob, you're brilliant!


I'll have to see if I can volunteer for something.... provided that I can go!

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