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New Review: T-34 mod. 1940 Idler wheel with rubber bandage

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Tim Wilding
OKB Grigorov

The company OKB-Grigorov from Bulgaria has released idlers wheels for early T-34 tank models. These replacement idlers have the rubber bandage (solid tires) pressed onto the outside rim. Later models were only all metal.

There are six two-piece resin wheels included in the bag. The front and back of each idler are molded on one resin plug. The resin is dark gray and feels more like plastic. It is easy to cut the wheels off the plugs and sands up great with little resin dust. They supply six wheels, but you only need two per tank, so you will have enough for thee kits. I did not see any air bubbles or other molding errors on any part. Super glue works fine to join the two halves together and pant held fine to the surface without any cleaning beforehand. The idlers have a small pin on the back that might need to be altered depending on what kit you will be mounting them to.

I would like to thank OKB-Grigorov and IPMS for the chance to review these wheels.

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