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ESCI 1/35 Leopard 2, So. Cal. AMPS 12 Hour Build Challenge - Updated 2/27

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So. Cal. AMPS is doing a 12 hour online build challenge. It’s not so crazy as it sounds- build a model over the course of three four hour build sessions during zoom meetings, one session per month. Previously we had done four hour build challenges, but that limited the choices of kits one could reasonably take on to complete within a four hour window. 
So for my build I chose the ESCI 1/35 Leopard 2 kit, 


I will be doing mine as a Dutch Leopard 2, since they had a nice overall Gelboliv scheme


Trying to cram a complete build into 3 four hour sessions meant no time to stop and take photos during the first session this past Saturday, so I took the photos this morning due to a busy weekend.

I was able to complete the suspension, one side of the link and length tracks, and most of the second side’s tracks


I added most of the major add ons to the upper hull, just left off a few bits that would easily be broken during assembly handling...


And the turret is about 95% complete. I was not happy with the bore of the main gun tube, so I replaced it with some appropriately sized tube styrene.


And here it all is fitted together... looking like a Leopard 2 to me for the most part


Not bad for four hours work. Next progress update will be after the February session. We are on the honor system not to work on our projects during the intervening weeks between sessions.

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Thanks Mark. Can’t wait to see what sort of rabbit that you pull out of your hat for this one.

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1 hour ago, Mark Deliduka said:

Yeah, it should be interesting. I need to start looking...

Im sure that it’ll be a good one. 

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That’s my usual pace Chris... 😉

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Session 2 finished up a little while ago, and it was mostly smooth sailing. There were no major surprises along the way, and even my planned modifications and additions went without trouble. At 3 hours in to the session I had all construction completed. The gray parts are Hobbyboss, from a sprue that I bought online to provide missing detail items



And 45 minutes later I had a nice coat of Mig One Shot Black Primer on... and my airbrush cleaned!



I have four hours left in the next session to paint, decal, and weather. I just might pull this off!

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