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Stikpusher 2020, Pass In Review!

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This year I completed a modest six builds. But I was not able to start building until mid March after getting my workbench set up in my new home, so that works out to one completion every month and a half or so. Of the six, only one was a mostly completed build from a previous year. All the rest were started here, save for one, which was barely started, and I had to go and fix stuff on that one. So here we go:


1, Monogram 1/48 A-7B


2, Tamiya 1/48 DAK Kübelwagen


3, Testors (Hawk) 1/48 V-1 - the rollover build started in another year


4, Heller 1/35 Char Somua S35


5, Dragon 1/35 M46


6, Academy 1/35 M151A1 (last but not least)

One other bit of positive news is that only one kit that I started in 2020 was not completed. And that one is close enough to the finish line to be done quick enough in the next few weeks. Unlike many previous years...

Thanks for looking... Happy New Years!

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Thank you Gil! May you have a wonderful 2021 ahead for yourself and loved ones!

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