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Names in, rankings out

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We've made some changes in the information displayed at the left side of forum posts this weekend (9/5/09).


Effective today:


A member's name and IPMS # will now appear in the member profile area (at the left, beneath the avatar) along with the member's screen name. This will make it easier to see exactly who is making comments on the forum. With screen names that can be changed up to three times every 30 days, we felt that this solution would balance the needs of the membership to know exactly who is saying what with the needs of those members who like to change their screen names often.


The member ranking system has also been abolished. Member rankings really serve no function other than to provide prolific posters with a bit of "flair" to dangle under their avatar image. Now there's no need to post hundreds of "throwaway" posts in the pursuit of that red xacto knife that came with being a "cutting edge" member.



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