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FS: 1/350 - 1/700 Hangar Bay and 1/350 Air Wing Decal Sets


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If you are building a 1/350 or 1/700-1/720 US Navy CV, CVN, LHD, or LPD I have decal sets that will enhance the look of the hangar bays and docking bays. For the 1/350 CV/CVN's I am currently working on decal sets to so that  all the aircraft markings are accurate for specific cruises. Paypal and free worldwide shipping.

You can check out the available sets at https://davidsscalemodels.com/decals/

Here is a sample of the CV/CVN hangar bay set



Here is a sample of an Air wing set (sets are 2 full size sheets)



Here is a sample of the LHD hangar bay set



Here is a sample of the LPD Hangar Bay set


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I now offer decals for all the aircraft for certain ships/cruises.

You can see the 1/350 Air Wing Decal Sets at https://davidsscalemodels.com/decals/1-350-air-wing-decals/ I am working on more sets as well.

You can also buy the hangar bay decals with the air wing decals as a package set at https://davidsscalemodels.com/decals/1-350-cvn-and-air-wing-package-sets/

The Air Wing sets are two full 8X11 sheets that cover all the squadron decals for every aircraft that was aboard. Here is a sample of the first sheet for the USS Kennedy during the 1980 and 1981 cruises.


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I completed two more sets of 1/350 air wing decal sets! The first set covers the USS John C Stennis CVN-74 during the 2001 deployment with CVW-9. The second set is the USS Nimitz CVN-68 during the 1978 cruise and during the filming of the movie “The Final Countdown” where the USS Nimitz goes thru a storm and ends up outside Pearl Harbor on December 6th 1941! This air wing set is the most colorful set I have done so far. It covers THREE full pages of decals for all the aircraft aboard. I also created Package deals so you can get the air wing decals and the hangar bay decals together at a discounted price.



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