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F/S U.S. only (Big box)

Big 1/29 Revell Snap Tite Max T-65 X-Wing.
Pre-Painted as Luke Skywalker's Red 5.
This is the largest injection molded kit of a T-65. I have read reviews stating this as 1/29 and or 1/30th.  This would fit in right next to your 1/32 F-14, 15s etc.

There are many fantastic 3D printed upgrades for this kit on Shapeways (308bits) and Falcon3Dparts.

Revell released this kit at 100.00 years ago. 
It was out of production and soon became a high price collectible. Revell Germany recently repopped it and it retails for $160!

Here's your chance to get one of these at a more down-to-earth price

60.00 plus shipping

The Revell Box is long and wide. I can repack the bagged parts into a smaller box to save on shipping. 




licin at comcast.net

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