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New Review: O-2A Skymaster landing gear (ICM)

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David Horn
Scale Aircraft Conversions

Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) manufactures white metal landing gear that is a direct replacement for a kit's plastic landing gear. The metal landing gear offer greater strength over the kit parts as well as having most of the mold lines removed. At times the metal will be bent out of shape but that is easily corrected by bending it back to the correct shape.

This set includes four parts; main gear, nose gear, oleo strut for nose gear, and nose gear bay. SAC gear does require some clean-up for the rare cases there are still seam lines. You many also sand and prime the struts to remove some of the rough texture that appears in some areas. Installing the new gear requires CA glue or non-traditional modeling adhesives. SAC recommends that the gear is for experienced modelers that are used to working with metal gear.

This set is a direct replacement for the ICM kit gear. The nose gear bay is a single cast piece that replaces a three-part assembly from the kit. The cast gear bay also adds a little weight to the nose area for which ICM recommends 10 grams weight. To install the nose gear, you will need to spread the gear bay apart to add the gear then bend it back. The soft material is great in cases like the nose gear but rigid enough to support the model's weight. The nose gear will need to be installed before the fuselage is assembled. The main gear is a single part just as the kit part is. When I removed it from the packaging, it did not have the complete bends compared to the kits gear but that can be corrected late in the kits build. Installing the main gear is the same as the kit part other than the type of glue required to attach it. I skipped a few steps and fully assembled the fuselage and booms before attaching the main gear.

After the model was complete, I did take advantage of inherent adjustability of soft metal which allows you to level the model. When you need strong landing gear that will not let your model down, SAC has you covered. I would like to thank Scale Aircraft Conversions for this review sample.

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