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Armor & accessories for sale/trade

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1/35 PAK Decals German/Axis allies tanks vehicles national insignia #35003 $10.00 + shipping
1/35 Trakz WW II German Tigers in Italy TX #0079 $7.00 + shipping
Concrete Dragon Teeth- Tiger Model Designs #TWS 1018 2 sets $10.00 per set + shipping
7.5cm Pak 40 Tamiya #35047 $5.00 + shipping
German machine gun troops Tamiya #35038 $5.00 + shipping
US Combat Group Set Tamiya # 35080 X 2 $5.00 each + shipping
ICM Panhard 178 AMD-35 #35373 Box open, but sprues are sealed $20.00 + shipping

Soviet D-74 122mm Field Gun Trumpeter #2334 $20.00 + shipping
IDF Shot Centurion - AFV Club AF35159 $30.00 + shipping
Soviet 85mm D44 Divisional Gun Trumpeter # 2339 Comes with ammo $15.00 + shipping

Will trade for 1/35:
German tanks, assault guns, flak guns, antitank guns, ETC.
Soviet KV 85, 100mm anti-tank gun, 122mm field gun, 152mm howitzer, ETC.

I'm in Texas



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I've got some Trumpeter German field gun and an AFV club Pak 43/41 8.8 mm anti-tank gun and an AFV Club half-track with a towed gun.

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The AFV kit is #35S28 Sd.kfz 251/4 Ausf C with leFH18/40 towed gun

The Trumpeter is #02304 s.FH18 15 cm field howitzer

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Of what you've got listed, I'm only interested in the Centurion. What kit were you interested in?

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