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Testors...And Confusion From Rustoleum


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I just got off a phone call to Rustoleum.  Believe it or not, they are now claiming...at least the lady I spoke with...that Rustoleum has not dropped Testors or Model Master!  When you find the Testors link on their website, which is at the very bottom of their home page in fine print, the link takes you to the familiar testors.com website, showing all of the usual line of paint...including the entire range of enamels, acrylics and metalizers.

According to the lady, she states that all of the colors are available, except for a few colors that were discontinued due to lack of demand.  If that isn't enough, the reason all of the colors...including the ones that were discontinued...is because a quantity of them are still in the warehouse since all of the paint is manufactured to have a five year shelf life.  When I told her that I have personally had unopened bottles that were less than a year old go bad, she repeated her mantra...sounding like a robot voice...that the paint has a shelf life of five years but that they paint I referred to may have been kept in storage for an extended time before it was put out for sale.

More interesting is that the direct link to the Rustoleum version of the Testors website...corrected to show the available products after announcement Rustoleums (actually RPM) purchase of Testors is no longer accessible.  That link gets a 404 page. 

Considering that Model Master is no longer available in the local shops and the online shops show most or all of the Model Master line as out of stock or simply not listed, you have to wonder why the canned statement from Rustoleum?

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Update:  I just spoke with Rustoleum again, this time their Public Relations gentleman.  He is emailing me specific information re: Testors & Model Master with questions he might have.  I'll reply with my questions and when I get his response, I will provide a followup post in this thread.

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Here's the first part of the response from Rustoleum.  I'm sure most of y'all have seen it, but I'm posting it for those who might have missed it.  Note that it was dated March 4, 2020, just about the time that Covid-19 hit with all four feet.  I also had several questions that Rustoleum is addressing, but it will take about a week for their response.  Stay tuned.


Testors to discontinue select hobby products
Demand declining for PACTRA, AZTEK, Model Master lines

Vernon Hills, Ill., March 4, 2020 – With a long history of producing quality hobby kits and supplies, we are evolving our strategy to focus more keenly on Testors, our flagship brand. To that end, we are discontinuing our PACTRA, AZTEK, and Model Master brands as demand for these products continues to decline.

We will continue to support the hobby market with a robust line of aerosols, brush paints, tools and accessories – always looking for opportunities to innovate in these categories.  Learn more about Testors products by going to http://www.testors.com.


About Rust-Oleum

For nearly a century, Rust-Oleum has been the global leader in manufacturing innovative coatings that empower do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike across categories including small project paints, cleaners, primers, automotive, industrial, high performance coatings and wood care. Its wide breadth of brands and products include such trusted names as Rust-Oleum, Stops Rust®, Painter’s Touch®, Universal®, EpoxyShield®, Varathane®, Zinsser®, Watco®, MultiSpec®, X-I-M®, Krud Kutter®, RockSolid®, Wipe New®, Testors®, Seal-Krete®, Modern Masters®, Moldex®, Whink®, Miracle Sealants®, Roto-Rooter®, and Mean Green® .Visit rustoleum.com for more information. Follow RustOleum on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Here are the questions I asked Vince Pierri, Senior Manager, Rustoleum Public Relations & Corporate Communications, and his response.  His answers are in red:

1.  The acrylic line also carries the Model Master brand.  Are those discontinued as well?
     All Model Master Paints, Aerosols, tools, adhesives are discontinued.

2.  Are there any plans to continue the Dullcote and Glosscote...both spray can and bottle...clear coats?  The spray cans in particular are fairly popular
    and virtually essential in certain instances.

    We are looking to see if these items are compatible with the active aerosols/paints we are continuing production with.

3.  Is there any way to encourage Rustoleum to continue Model Master Metalizer Sealer?  Granted, it's a very slow seller, but it is a perfect
     neutral, is fast drying and is the best thing I've ever found to brush over a decal without altering the underlying paint color or tone, be it gloss, flat,
     satin or matte.

     If the volume isn't there, it is likely we will not move forward.

4.  Whoever answers the General Product Questions option three needs to either be better informed or else provide the information in a less formal or
     more friendly way.  Unfortunately, the person I spoke with came across like a robot, though I'm sure it wasn't meant that way.

     I will pass your comments on to that team.

5.  It would be useful if a statement or notice of some kind could be posted on the Model Master pages of the Testors website that the brand has been
     discontinued but various colors will be available until current supply is exhausted. Even better would be to remove the appropriate color chip as that
     color is exhausted, though I realize that may be cost prohibitive.

      Thank you for your thoughts on this.

I have also asked Mr. Pierri to let me know what label/brand name Dullcote and Glosscote will be sold under if they decide to retain the product.

Hope some of this helps.



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One of my local shops still has a "decent" supply of MM enamels, including many of the camo colors. However, when I checked out the owner mentioned that they were discontinued. I took this to mean that they would NOT be reordering more, so even if Rustoleum has a bunch in their warehouse, THAT'S where they'll stay since shop owners seem to be under the impression that they CANNOT be restocked at all.

I lament the demise of MM and Testors.....as they're the brands that I've used since I was a kid. That said, I probably have a lifetime supply of most of the colors, and there's NO shortage of good alternatives in lacquer and acrylic/lacquers these days. Personally, I've never had any of it "go bad" unless it was a bottle I screwed with by adding thinner; and most of those still lasted a year or two after that.

Time passes, the wheel turns, and we modelers learn to adjust to new parameters. Thanks for the updated info!


GIL :smiley16:

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