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New Review: Single No. 17 Supermarine Spitfire IIA

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Brian R. Baker
MMP Books

This book is part of a series providing detailed information on a particular aircraft intended for scale modelers.  It is not a historical account of the service life of the aircraft and does not provide a variety of color schemes for the type as by used by different units.  It provides detailed six-view line drawings of the specific aircraft in three scales, plus black and white color photos of several complete aircraft (museum display survivors) and detailed photos of specific parts of the aircraft.  Several drawings are included, including an excellent one of the instrument panel, and some drawings from maintenance manuals are includes.

The book is not intended to be a historical coverage of the type, only a detailed reference showing specific parts of the aircraft not included in ordinary references.  Other publications provide numerous color and marking varieties for the type, while this one only covers several aircraft, however, in much greater detail. It is heavy on pictures and drawings, and light on the text.


This book would be especially useful if you are doing a series of Spitfire Mk. II's in your favorite scale and want to include as much detail as possible. Or also if you are just interested in the airplane. Excellent color drawings are provided for one aircraft, and a few photos are provided of several other Spitfires of the same type. This book is truly intended for serious modelers. Highly recommended.

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