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Santa Arrived Early


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Nah, I didn't get anything. I bought this 54mm mini from Aradia Miniatures last Fall, and then promptly lost it in my stash. I found it a week ago and thought I better build it before it goes missing again. LOL

I did learn an important lesson. With these kits that are seemingly designed on a computer and then printed, the tolerances are extremely small. The kit gives no instructions, but it MUST be assembled in a certain order.  I should have added the reindeer's reins *before* I sat Santa in the seat. Once Santa was glued in place there was no way to slip the reins past his belly.  The second oops was I should have put the stick and presents on his should *before* I put his hat on. I thought I could slip the stick over the shoulder and under the hat - - no way.  

So, from now on I'm going to dry fit the entire kit together *before* I start gluing anything. 


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