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2019 Chattanooga National Convention

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Just about a year ago we as a society gathered in Chattanooga TN. The world has turned upside down since then. With all the modeling shows being cancelled. I would like to suggest that we take a look back and share some stories and pictures. It would be a great feeling to remember the fun and models.

Looking forward till we meet again.

RONBO. Head Bottle Washer.


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Here's some of mine....101_8305.thumb.JPG.e18fffdfd9f26e468178461bb41260e0.JPG

From the big 1/24 P-51B Mustang all the way down to the 1/48 B-47 (except for the sub), a display of my 1/48 Vacuform builds


The vacuform category in the contest (my Japanese Nell bomber)


I believe this was a preproduction build of the new 1/32 Lancaster on display


Lovely build of the Cutty Sark


One of the club build entries


Pretty prewar Kingfisher


Hellcat in a cool drone scheme


Jerry wells 1/72 drone control Invader


D-Day box diorama


Yet another D-Day dio


Jerry wells 1/72 LA Sheriff helo


General shot of the figures


Very cool BIG dragster build!


Long range pic (needed to get them ALL) of the Duke's several hundred 1/72 armor builds!


Really missed not having a Nats this year, but looking forward to Vegas!



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I will limit my model photos and try to go with the Social aspect

Pittsburgh Guys "SMOKIN"


Great little Italian Restaurant a couple of blocks form convention. Canadians, Pittsburghers, Michigan guys..Fantastic time.


One of my Favorite Characters



Even the Theme had you smiling



Love the creative nature of the modeling mind



And the display of unbielievable Talents


 A bit of work is required,(Not like working in a coal mine work)


And Just keep Smiling



Bill D. 



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Here are a few that I took at the show. 

I had a great time at the show, and say "Thanks again!!" to our hosts!! 







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I'll play...

My models on display.  The Hasegawa Beaufighter illustrates part of my "Model Building 101" seminar, as does the Revell Voodoo.  The other two were long-term projects that finally got off the bench and on to display bases--the Hasegawa F-111F was built as "KARMA-52", the aircraft lost during Operation EL DORADO CANYON, and the ER-2 is Special Hobby's kit.  They're all in 1/72 scale:



The helicopters--four Hasegawa UH-1H Iriquois, and an Italeri OH-6A Cayuse and CH-47 Chinook (backdated from CH-47D to a CH-47C "Super C") for the Fire Support Base RIPCORD project, then still in progress.  If you want to see the completed project, we have a Facebook page dedicated to the project, and it is also going to be the centerpiece for the Vietnam display at the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum in Columbia, SC.  The helicopters are a tiny part of the 1/72 scale diorama, and were built by various members of the clubs involved.  I built one Huey and the 'Hook, and painted all of them.  Decals, like most everything else on the project, were bespoke--Jodie Peeler did the artwork, and Michael Portaro of IndyCals printed them.

(You IPMS/AMPS dual citizens are reading about it in the latest issues of the Boresight.)


I can't knock anybody who puts together a display featuring the High Hatters.


Insanity in brass.




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Wow, great pics, including a number of models I hadn't seen before! Gil, thanks for posting the pic of my collection. I've been looking but I don't see any pics I took of my own collection from there. Still, here are some of mine.


A great collection of dinosaurs:


Something I want to try with my P.1000 Ratte in 1/72 scale:


Nice collection of rockets; I believe they are all in 1/144 scale:


I believe this was a Miscellaneous Category winner:


Not my Dora, but well done indeed. I commend this modeler for the fortitude in finishing this massive 1/72 scale model:


1/72 scale with a scratch-built turret from PVC pipe:



A beautifully rendered 1/72 scale engine from the acommpanying pic:




A great what-if battleship and escort:


And of course, the theme of the whole show:



More rockets, all in 1/144 scale. I'm trying to do a display like this in 1/72 scale:


Two beautiful masted ships:



Brilliant display of Egg Planes, Ships and Tanks:






That's what I have for now. I got more to post later if anyone wants to see more.

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That was a great show, and a great time.


Man, I miss all you goofy SOBs...  😕

Allowing myself to be selfish here...the only pics I have from 2019 are my own entries that I pulled off of various sites or forums...I never find time for photos, and one of our club members (Southern Maryland Scale Modelers) in front of our club entry (NASPLANE).






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Wow!  Thanks for posting all the pictures guys.  Every year it never fails that I see pictures of models that I never saw during the show.  For some reason, last year's Nats were even worse in that regard.  We in Chattanooga were thrilled to host all of you and are glad you all had a good time!


Mike Moore

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This was one of the best conventions I have been to. Went on several side trips before and during the show. 
I hope you guys do another convention.


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Mike, you did an extraordinary job hosting the best nationals I'd ever been to! I am thrilled that I took this chance to come all the way out there and I appreciate all you've done to make it happen! You are an amazing man!

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On 8/28/2020 at 8:45 PM, Mark Deliduka said:

Mike, you did an extraordinary job hosting the best nationals I'd ever been to! I am thrilled that I took this chance to come all the way out there and I appreciate all you've done to make it happen! You are an amazing man!

Duke, you are too kind.  It was fantastic having you make the trip and display your collection.  I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!


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Thanks Mike.  I don’t know if we’ll ever do it again, but it was an honor and a thrill to do it last year.  I’m glad you enjoyed it. 


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On 9/13/2020 at 12:55 AM, MikeMoore said:

Thanks Mike.  I don’t know if we’ll ever do it again, but it was an honor and a thrill to do it last year.  I’m glad you enjoyed it. 


Really hope you do, as others have said one of the best US Nats for organisation and love Chattanooga as a city and would love to come back.


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