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Airfix 1/76 Crash Tender into GS body with improvised trailer

Ron Bell

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 After I finished a major project, I was casting around for something easy to get into. Poking through my stash, I came across my Airfix Emergency set with a K2 ambulance and Austin K6 Crash Tender (firetruck). At the same time, my eye fell on a box of left over 'stuff' from my Airfix Airfield Resupply and Bedford Truck sets. I had not used the long bed in the Bedford truck set, so I checked to see if it could be mated to the Austin K6 frame and, what you know, it could. It took a little doing, like lengthening the wheel wells and some other things, but it fit nicely. I also found a short bed in the Resupply set left over, so that was bodged into an improvised trailer. It turned out a lot better than i thought it would. The first pic is what the K6 kit is supposed to build up into. 








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