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New Review: DH.98 Mosquito Two Stage Merlin

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Floyd S. Werner Jr.

The Tamiya Mosquito is a beautiful kit but it does have one drawback, it can't be built into a two-stage version.  The Airfix kit is the only way to get a two-stage Mosquito out of the box, but they are hard to find and not as easy to build as the Tamiya kit.  A few other conversions have been done but they are long out of production.  So if you want the build one of the high altitude variants, such as the FB Mk. IX, Mk. XVI, NF XV, or PR Mk.34 or any of the later variants you'll need this resin set.

Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with eight resin pieces, two upper engine nacelles, two lower nacelles and four exhaust stacks.  Also included is a fret of photo etch to make the intake screens.  The parts are protected in a resealable bag.  The resin is light grey and absolutely flawless.  Test fitting the resin upper and lower cowling proved that the fit was perfect.  And that is without even removing the pour blocks.

A single fret of brass allows you to build the tropical variant by adding the intake and side vents. 

This is a relatively easy conversion.  The engines are handed so don't get them confused.  You simply need to remove the kit cowlings and then mate the new nacelles in their place.  All the cuts are on panel lines for easy removal.

This conversion is easy, perfectly molded, and allows you to do new variants of the Mossie.  The ease of the conversion and ease of building the Tamiya kit makes this a winner.  The best part is the price is relatively inexpensive as well.  If you want to do a late variant, this is the easiest way to do it.  Another great conversion from Brengun.     

Highly recommended

Thanks to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review copy.  You can obtain yours directly at www.brengun.cz or your local hobby shop or online retailer. 

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