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Mikr Mir's SAM-13

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Always on the lookout for the obscure, odd or prototype planes, I found this little gem on the pages of SAMI where the kit was being reviewed.  Having gotten these models few times this way, a quick trip to eBay, and I had a choice of a number of these kits.
The Sam-13 (Cam-13)  was designed in pre-war Russia, and based around Renault 6 cylinder engines. One prototype was built. But this was destroyed as the Soviets fell back against the German invasion of the eastern front. The design was never revisited.

It came with 2 sprues of gray plastic, one (mostly) clear canopy, a fret of PE, and a small sheet of decals. There was a few oops' along the way but all in all it was a fun kit.


The instructions are the typical exploded views, where the exact location of some parts are hard to determine.  The other issue with the kits was that the plastic was pretty fragile. I broke the back off the seat off twice, by apparently leaning on it too heavily.

There were no locator pins so the parts wanted to wander until the glue set up. 


It wasn't mentioned but with that rear boom, I didn't want to take any chances, and added Liquid Gravity to keep it from being a tail sitter. 


The horizontal tail fin was a tight fit, and I should have done something about it.  While it was drying, it popped out a little on one side and the glue dried that way. 😞 Lesson learned.  Also after folding a piece of semi-large PE it jumped, hit the ground and was eaten. I actually laid on the floor looking for it to no avail. 😞


With no specific color call outs I used what I had. The gray was Vs Sky Gray and the blue was RLM 24. I did blacken the panel lines a bit with Vs NATO Black. The real plane was wooden so I left it with a matte clear coat.

Sitting the canopy on the plane, I was amazed to see that the canopy was a perfect fit - until it came time to glue it on the the fuselage. What happened? 😞


After adding the landing gear I called it done. Thanks for looking. 



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Wow, that is one funky looking little plane. It almost looks like the stuck the tail on as an afterthought. LOL! You built a magnificent looking little plane despite the issues, I can't even see any when it's done. Way to go!

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Thanks, guys!

Gil: It was a new one on me too. I make these "finds" from the pages of SAMI magazine. sometimes someone will do a build - tho they do a lot of joking 😠 about Luft '46 and other "never was" planes. But mostly I catch them in their reviews pages. A lot of the time it's a tiny pic of the box art and a few sentences. But enough to catch my attention and head me to eBay, where I usually find a number of offerings.

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