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1/72, Emhar German A7V

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Developed late in WW I by Germany after encountering British tanks, only 20 armoured tanks were produced. It was armed with one 57mm main gun and six 7.92 MGs and needed a crew of 18! It was large, cumbersome, awkward and slow and was a less than exciting success. However, it did figure into the first tank vrs tank combat when three A7Vs encountered three British Mk IV's (one male armed with two 6 pdr. main guns and two females armed only with MGs.) during the First Battle of Villiers-Bretonneux.  The two female Mk IVs were damaged and had to withdraw, but the male continued to fire on the lead A7V, eventually disabling it and forcing the crew to abandon the vehicle. The two remaining A7Vs then withdrew, leaving the 'field of battle' to the lone Mk IV. 

This is the Emhar kit that has been re-released. It's typical Emhar in that the detail is minimized, but what is there is nicely done. My main complaint is that the slab sides have beveled joints, so getting them to mate up without any gaps takes patience and care. The decals give you a choice of three vehicles, but all have pretty boring camouflage. Also they are a bit thick and have a large amount of carrier film around them that must be trimmed to avoid silvering over all those rivets. I found an interesting camo pattern in a photo I saw on Google and dressed it  up a bit with a new name and the eyes on the front. It makes a nice addition to my WW I vehicle collection.  






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