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MJ Miniatures 1/9th scale bust 'Erich Hartmann'


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                           Over the years, I've pretty much stayed away from figures all together, because of painting flesh.  An arm or a hand exposed was ok, as long as the face was FULLY covered. About two years ago, I started incorporating figures in my dioramas. A friend of mine, in our local club, does mostly figures, painted strictly with artist oils. His results are amazing.  He's given me quite a bit of info on how he does his. His main advice was to check on YouTube for tutorials.   I decided to get my "feet wet", starting with acrylics (some enamels for the eyes).

                    The bust was painted with a mixture of Vallejo, and AK Flesh and Skin Colors. The leather jacket was a custom mix of two different Tamiya browns. I would usually apply a wash to his jacket for depth. I instead decided to drybrush just the high areas. I used Testors Model Master bright brown first. After it dried, the high areas looked more bronze than anything. I toned it down Naples Yellow Hue (artist oils). The cord and emblems on his hat were painted with Tamiya flat aluminum. I applied a dark wash on these items after they dried. The yellow bead around his hat is Testors yellow. The brim of his hat was painted with Tamiya gloss black.

                     Comments and suggestions are welcome.






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