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Best Hawker Hurricane Mk I


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"Best" is a Subjective term.

I can only comment on what I can Recommend based on build.

The new Airfix 1/48 Hurricane is an excellent kit. Great details,Good decals and trouble free to Build.

Thats All I got to say about that.


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I think you have only 3 choices in 1/32....Fly Models, PCM (Pacific Coast Models), and Revell.

Fly Models is the newest 1/32 Hurricane, and most likely the best....BUT....you need to define Mk. I.....because IF you mean a very early Mk.I with the rag (fabric) wings and 2 bladed prop, then the PCM kit might be the way to go. For BoB, you can get away with a Mk.I or early Mk.II, which means the old Revell kit can also suffice IF you're not a stickler for precise accuracy. If you Google search any of the above manufacturers for the kit reviews you can then decide which one you think will give you your best bang for your buck.

In 1/48 you have a much wider choice for good Hurricanes...the new Airfix (or even the 70s issue in the light blue plastic isn't bad), Hasagawa, and Classic Airframes (rag wing) all did Mk.Is and Mk.IIs, and there's many other 1/48 kits out there too. Once more, do some on-line searches to read the reviews to see which one has exactly what you're looking for within your budget. Hope this helps!


Gil :smiley16:

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