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We tried our best but it was not to be

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But sadly MA Publications publishers of Scale Aviation Modeller International, Model Aircraft Monthly , Scale Military Modeller international and the Datafile range of books, will not be able to attend the Nationals in San Marcos. Breaking our 24 year record of supporting the IPMS US Nationals .

Last week British Airways cancelled our flights to Austin and with the US border still closed and a 14 day quarantine on our return to the UK the odds have just been stacked to heavily against us.

I hope that the boys and girls from Texas can make it work or as a minimum stay viable so they can do another Nationals in the future. Their organisation and communication has been first rate among what must be a very challenging time for them. They deserved better and I am truly gutted for them.


Stay safe and I hope we will be back bigger and better in Las Vegas 2021.

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I fear there will not be many European vendors this year (if any)

My outgoing parcels to Europe are routed thru Miami, where there is now a single flight to all of Europe a day. All have been stuck since late February, and I am warning customers of the delay.

The transportation simply does not exist for our International friends to get here.

IAH has single flights to Frankfurt & Doha now

DFW has single flights to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Heathrow & Paris

6 planes a day to/from Texas, when there were about 25 at the first of the year. Even if one is lucky enough to book a flight, the entry requirements right now are too onerous for a commercial venture.

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