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The Smoking Caterpillar


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Forever on the lookout for something different, this was a kit that caught my eye. Similar to, but not exactly like some animated movie. 😉  

This caterpillar is from Creepy Tables, and comes in two sizes - 22cm and 15cm. I chose the 22cm version. It is a limited edition and I have either 30 or 36 (hard to read the handwriting) out of 200. It's still being offered so I guess there are a few left at the time of this writing.  It comes in 6 pieces of resin, that is very nicely done. FAINT seam lines were seen in one or two places and probably could easily go unnoticed.

 Here the parts were assembled - tho the caterpillar was just rested on the stump. Will glue them together at the end - and primed. The connection between the top and bottom parts of the hookah needed extra attention.

Following the color image that came with the kit (in the background), I started airbrushing the blues on the body.

More messing with the light and dark blues, and filled in the body of the hookah. On the image it's made to look transparent. I'm not able to copy that so I just made 2 levels of a purple red into a red, and then a pale red reflective highlight.  I used the same red colors for his fez.

Wanting to paint the decoration on the hookah gold, I added the gloss black.
The wood stump also got my regular wood treatment of black then gray and dark brown. Going way out on a limb I added a stylized wood grain to the top as practice since it can't be seen, and then on the cut branch on the front of the stump.  Check back for the gold trim, jewels, and the final details.

After a week or two of laziness, I got myself into the studio and finished off the Caterpillar.
First up was finishing off the highlights on the hookah. Then I re-adjusting the highlights on the caterpillar itself. I thought I finished up by using V's Metal Varnish on the hookah, and V's satin on the Caterpillar. Then I noticed that I didn't do those eye looking things on it's back. So I got out the Gloss Black and finished those.  I was really tempted to make them look like eyes, but I thought that might be *too much.*
I epoxied it to the base and I was done. Thanks for looking.




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12 hours ago, WildBill50 said:

The "EYES' have it. Another winner.

Nice job, Kevin.




Thanks very much, Bill! 🙂


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