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It has been reported that the entire Testors lines...incuding Model Master...has been unceremoniously dropped.  While I don't doubt this...Model Master has been dying drop by drop for some time...getting confirming information from multiple sources is something else again.  As of a month or so ago, Rustoleum stated to me in a phone call that the latest updates as to which colors...if any... would not be produced had not yet been determined, but that Model Master was still being produced.  They did advise me that one of their warehouses was temporarily closed due to Covid-19, which is why some colors were not available or backordered.

Today I called my local Hobby Town and all they knew was that some of the colors had been discontinued.  No knowledge at all re: the complete demize of Testors.  At the same time, I checked the website of Stevens International...one of the largest hobby wholesalers in the U.S. and the one many Hobby Town shops order from...and Model Master is no longer on their paint list.  Additionally,  Testor products of any kind take up a grand total of 1 2/3 pages.

In order to be fair, I also checked the website of Megahobby...self-promoted as having the largest selection of hobby products on the web....and they list all of the colors from Model Master.  That included Acryl, Metalizer, Automotive, Spray cans, etc. 95% of everything listed is out of stock.

I know, I know.  Most of you have already converted to acrylics like Vallejo and Ammo MIG and don't really care about the death of Testors/Model Master.  Why does it matter to me?  First of all, I'm trying to finish a vignette for a commissioned magazine article and I need the four skin tone enamel colors to complete it.  I'm not really in the mood to change horses in midstream, especially since I've never used acrylics and don't have the time right now to learn.  Particularly since I have a deadline, even though it is fairly loose.  Second, it will impact my Modelbuilding Guide E-books, essentially bringing them to a screaming halt until I can adjust to the loss of Model Master.

Finally, I have a call in to Rustoleum to try to get a definitive answer from the horse's mouth.  I'll let you know when I hear from them.



I just spoke with a lady from Rustoleum.  This is straight from the horse's mouth: "The Model Master...both acrylic and enamel...line, as well as Aztek, have been discontinued effective immediately due to declining demand."  Incidentally, if you think you're all right for a while because you have a stash of Model Master, maybe not.  Over the last couple or three years, chemical composition has changed to the point that paint that I bought two years ago has gone bad in the bottle before I ever opened it.  This doesn't happen to every color, but it might be a good idea to check your paint stock.

Now if I can find a flesh tone paint that'll let me finish my vignette!












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