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Looking for Alliance Modelworks 1:350 USN Hatches (WWII)

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Looking for an Alliance Modelworks 1:350 scale US Navy hatches photoetch set.  OOP and not available from the usual suspects.

I have found a set of plans of the USS Sphinx (ARL-24) conversion of an LST at the Library of Congress/Historic American Engineering Record


https://www.loc.gov/pictures/search/?q=Drawing: va2038&fi=number&op=PHRASE&va=exact&co =hh&st=gallery&sg = true

I'm in the process of converting the AFV Club LST to the Sphinx.  The hull halves, aft deckhouse, a couple guntubs, and minor details are all that will be left.    The rest are sheet plexiglass and styrene strip and sheet.  I have started using the Alliance hatch set and would prefer to not change manufacturer & style in mid-bulkhead.    

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