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This is another kit in my stash so long I no longer remember who it was produced by. I'm sure after a few people see this, they will know and tell me.
Anyway, I'm guessing it's a 1/10 -15th scale kit that came in 2 parts - the animal and the base. The only thing was that three of it's feet are attached to the base. They didn't line up so you had to do the best you could and then start sculpting with the Aves.
You can also see all the repairs made. I really dislike when the sculptor/producer try to "help us out" by getting rid of flash or seam-lines - especially when they are aggressive about it.
Base can be seen in the background

While beginning to prime in noticed an imperfection that turned into a big bubble on the edge of it's frill. Despite me not liking the scales just being  small tube marks pushed into the clay - it did make the repair a little easier to hide.

First round of priming revealing more ankle work needed.  

Was going to leave it at this point, but felt I needed to do a little more...

Added a little more color, defined the eyes, and emphasized the muscles a little more. I also added some foliage to the nest material, and also created two bushes to finish it off. Thanks for looking.




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Fantastic looking piece the work wa worth it.

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Thanks guys.


Oh yeah the old Lindberg kits. I had a few of them back in the day. They were accurate for the current (back then) thinking.

Lot more accurate models out there today.

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