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Eduard 1:72 MiG-15

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I started this just after my daughter was born. It was fraught by so many frustrations she's six now (and she herself nearly totaled the model just after painting started!). All the gory details will be in the Journal at some point. This is a historic plane - the first mount of Sergey Kramerenko, the first pilot to score five victories over enemy jets (so, the first jet ace). 






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Nice work Chris. I read the book, “MiG Menace Over Korea” by Yuri Sutiagin and Igor Siedov, which illustrates the story of one of Kramerenko contemporaries, Nikolai Sutiagin. This Mig-15’s markings, of course, are very similar to Sutiagin’s. It was reported that Sutiagin was in a dogfight with Glen Eagleston during 1951 and Eagleston’s F-86A was heavily damaged in the shuffle. Eagleston made in back to Kimpo but the Sabre was a write off.



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