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New Review: A-4 Skyhawk Ladder

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Jim Pearsall

The Kit

This item comes as a single small PE Fret. It's the boarding ladder for a 1/144 Skyhawk, the base kit by Platz, and it's been reboxed by Eduard.

Assembly and Installation

I cut the base part from the fret. I formed the ladder legs to 90 degrees from the steps. Then I cut the brace that goes on under the platform, then added the platform. The steps were next, and then the two braces that run from the step support to under the platform.

I painted the ladder assembly bright yellow. I also painted the steps and top of the platform flat black, as anti-slip coatings. The wheels were then painted flat black and added to the bottom of the ladder.

This may sound quick and easy, but it really wasn't. The top brackets that go under the top platform are very fragile, and bent whenever I touched them. That's one reason I had to install the platform early in the build. The braces from the steps to the platform are also very easily bent, all I had to do was touch them. My thought is that this would be a marvelous build if it was in 1/72 or 1/48 scale, and 1/144 really makes it a challenge to assemble. But then is this a pragmatist's hobby?

Overall Evaluation

Recommended. This would be a decent addition to a Skyhawk on a carrier deck.

Many thanks to Brengun for the kit, and to IPMS for the chance to do the review, and add detail to a finished kit.

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