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New Review: Gear for Kinetic M-346

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This SAC product provides parts to replace the kit-supplied landing gear in the Kinetic kit of the M-346. The SAC parts in this review sample are without any noticeable flash or mold seam lines.  

Of significance is the fact that the SAC gear strut locating pins are of the same shape and size as the locating pins on the Kinetic kit. This is, of course, important so that proper fit and alignment can be easily achieved when using the SAC gear.

An advantage that SAC gear possess over kit parts is that they will not "break". Trust me, I'm an expert when it comes to breaking landing gear and I've performed a large number of "root canals" on those broken bits, using a length of wire glued into holes drilled in the broken parts, to align those parts properly when gluing them back together. Even when handled with tender loving care, travel damage will make a mess of landing gear. With SAC parts, that travel damage is significantly reduced because the SAC gear parts are made of white metal.

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